Sweet marjoram

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  • 16g/0.56oz


    Our marjoram arrives in small quantities from organic farms in Crete and Central Greece. Harvested by hand and dried naturally, it is 100% handmade. A close relative of oregano, marjoram has a legendary culinary heritage. Shakespeare has even immortalized it as “the herb of Grace.”


    Sweet and zesty, marjoram has the fame of being one the herbs that best maintain their full flavor and aroma after dried. It contributes a nice flavor to pork, soups, stuffings, and legumes. You can use it as a topping for hummus or toss in a beetroot salad. Excellent for seasoning veggie roasts.

    In the local cuisine of the Ionian islands, marjoram is an essential ingredient for lentil soup. Some enjoy it the most as an herbal tea: Infuse 1tsp at 95C for 5mins, covered. Steep and serve.